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Sarah, one of our veterinary surgeons, carries out our acupuncture clinics on a Tuesday and Wednesday and with prior notice we can arrange these clinics to be held at our St.Agnes and Perranporth clinics for our clients who are situated in these locations.

We have had some brilliant results from this service so far and are looking to use it more and more for our patients.


"Talia, my Doberman, is eight years old and has recently been diagnosed with some arthritic changes in her shoulders. Talia still thinks she is 2 years old and loves to run around and play even though we try to limit her exercise. She takes pain killing medication which helps, but sometimes she is quite stiff and gets breakthrough pain. Because of this I decided to try acupuncture to see if it would help her. As you can see, she's a very chilled out dog, and took being turned into a pin cushion in her stride, she just went to sleep. The acupuncture did seem to help her, she seemed more relaxed and less stiff, and as it was easy to do it was definitely worth trying."

Karen Wakefield


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