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Consultataions- We run our consultations by appointment only. This helps us to avoid over-full surgeries and prolonged waiting times for you and your pet.

We offer appointments at various times of the day to try and accommodate everyone, however emergencies will take priority over routine consultations.

We treat all companion animals as well as exotics including; small furries, birds, reptiles and other exotic mammals

To book an appointment please give us a call and we will arrange a time to suit you.


Surgery- A high percentage of pets will require surgery at some point in their lives, whether it is routine neutering or an emergency operation.

We have two purpose built surgical theatres which use a special air filtration system to allow us to ensure your pets procedure is as sterile as possible. Both our theatres are fully equipped to allow us to carry out routine, soft tissue, emergency and orthopaedic surgery


Radiography- At our Truro practice we have a purpose built radiography suite equipped and ready to take diagnostic images of your pet. Our radiography machines are very high definition, and an automatic processor which allows us to view your pets radiograph’s almost immediately after taking them


Laboratory- If your pet becomes ill, it may not always be apparent from their appearance or symptoms exactly what is wrong with them. In this case it may necessary to run some tests to uncover the problem.

Our on site laboratory houses our blood machines, microscope and a whole array of equipment which can allow us to quickly run many tests that your pet may require. This includes hair and skin samples, blood samples, urine analysis, parasite analysis and faecal analysis. We also do send samples to an external lab for testing when we do not have the specialist equipment on site


Equipment- We have a range of equipment at our Truro branch to enable us to diagnose and treat your pet during their stay. This includes: a blood pressure monitor, ECG machine, endoscopes, radiography suite, blood testing facilities and ultrasound machine.



We have a dedicated dental suite at our Truro practice which is perfect when we are required to carry out dentistry on your pet. Many animals will need some for of dental work during their lifetime, be it from injury, wear or dental disease.

Most dental procedures will require your pet to have a general anaesthetic, and many dental problems can be very painful until treated. This is why we run our FREE nurse clinics, where one of our experienced nurses can discuss your pets dental health and help you reduce the likelihood that your pet will need dental surgery.


Nurse clinics-

Our nurse clinics are free to attend and include:

  • Puppy and kitten clinics
  • Adolescence checks
  • Neutering advice
  • Weight clinics and feeding advice
  • Microchipping (there is a charge for the microchip)
  • Nail clipping (a small fee applies)
  • Parasite advice and tick removal
  • K-laser

The clinics usually take around 10 minutes, but we can book a longer slot if you feel you have lots of questions or feel your appointment will take longer than this


Acupuncture- Sarah, one of our veterinary surgeons, carries out our acupuncture clinics on a Tuesday and Wednesday and with prior notice we can arrange these clinics to be held at our St.Agnes and Perranporth clinics for our clients who are situated in these locations.

We have had some brilliant results from this service so far and are looking to use it more and more for our patients.


Emergencies and urgent patients will always take priority. During opening hours we will ask you to bring your pet straight to our Truro branch after triaging the problem over the phone.

If your emergency occurs out of normal opening hours you will still need to call our normal telephone number, 01872 223400. The answer phone message will give you the on call vets telephone number which you should then call for further assistance.

On a Monday and Friday evening our out of hours provision is run by Cvets which is located on Penstraze, near Chiverton Cross roundabout.

Other nights of the week and at weekends we run our own out of hours service


House visits-We are happy to arrange house visits, however they will need to be at a time to suit us as we can often be very busy with consultations. There will usually be a vet and a nurse in attendance at the house visit although during busy periods the vet may come alone.

There is an additional charge for home visits due to the extra time  they take and we normally advise that unless it is necessary for us to visit that you bring your pet to the practice where we have all of our equipment and supplies



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